Monday, November 16, 2009

Things To Remember - Preston

Preston has a certain look that he gives me to get what he wants. He looks at me and says, "Please, mom?" with an adorable look in his eyes. Whenever he does this, it melts my heart and I usually say yes. In fact, the other day he wanted to take a cup of water up to his room while he was watching a movie. I told him that he would spill it. He looked at me with that unbelievably sincere look and said, "Please, mom... I promise I won't spill it. I'll be super careful." Of course, I let him - and in fifteen minutes he came down crying and heartbroken, exclaiming, "I spilled it, mom!" :)

He also has a GREAT imagination. He loves to play imaginary games and he has to ask my permission every time. "Mom, can I play my new batman game - outside of the xbox?" He has to specify that he is not asking to play the xbox but is asking to pretend that he is batman. :)

He likes to just have my attention. He will stand there for five minutes saying, "Mom, mom, mom, mom..." if that's what it takes for me to say "what". And most of the time his reply is just, "I love you."

He adores his big brother but will stand up for himself when needed. He throws a lot of fits, but is getting so much better at refraining from his fit-throwing. For the past few months he has really figured out the word please, and he uses it to his advantage. The majority of the time he will accept my answer of no as long as an explanation of why is accompanied with the word. He is very sweet to Ellie, and also very overpowering to her at the same time. He will give her a kiss, but nock her down while doing so. He's loving, and sweet, and he tells me I'm so pretty.

I love the little guy so much!


Megan B said...

Lovey little kid! And we have spillers over here too, the kind that promise promise promise not to.

Terry said...

Preston is a negotiator he will work out any problem with a win/win solution. He also has a winning innocent little smile that can sweep this Grandma off her feet.