Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Doll or Little Girl

For Christmas, we got Ellie a little baby doll that came with a stroller, high chair, and bassinet. We also got her a tinker bell chair. She loves the doll and stroller. And she loves the chair. But she didn't use them in the conventional way. :) Eventually she did start to actually push the doll around in the stroller; but for a couple of months she just wanted to set the doll in her chair and she wanted to sit in the stroller.

The stroller is meant for the doll; therefore, she doesn't fit in it all that well. It was quite difficult for her to wiggle into. She would put her hands on the floor, look between her legs, and back up 'til she could sit in it. Many times it would roll away while she did this move. She would get really mad and throw a tantrum. We finally learned to keep the stroller in front of the couch to keep it from rolling away from her.

She's such a funny girl!


Kayla said...

Too cute! Atleast she's a good little hostess!

Megan B ♥ said...

Ha!! What a little silly!!