Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Days With Children

I’ve been waiting for something super exciting or wonderful to happen before I wrote another “journal” entry. But all the while I forget about the small little things that happen on a daily basis with my most wonderful possession… my children.


On a daily basis Preston will follow me around. Well, at least while Kaden is gone to school. He refuses to be in a different room than me, let alone a completely different floor to our home. If I start to climb the stairs (even if it is just to take something upstairs and will be right back) he yells out, “Wait-uh-me, mom! Wait-uh-me!” I love it. From the first time he said it, I knew that this is something that I don’t want to forget: the sweet little deep voice of a two and a half year-old yelling for his mother to not forget him – to not leave him behind.

Another thing that Preston has discovered in his vocabulary is how to look for someone. The other day Danny decided to be a little late to work. He actually slept in and didn’t leave until 9:00. Because of this, Preston was not still snoozing away while daddy quietly slipped out the door at 6:30 am. Instead, I had to keep him preoccupied while Danny left; otherwise, Preston would have thrown a fit that he wanted to “tum too”. So Preston and I watched cartoons upstairs while Danny left the house. After about 30 minutes of cartoon-watching, Preston finally discovered that Danny was no longer there. He ran around the whole house yelling, “Wheh-ah-you, Dad? Wheh-ah-you?” The cutest thing about this is the way that he covers his mouth while yelling. It is like he is trying to make a megaphone with his hands; however, he ends up just completely covering his mouth with both hands. He does this while searching for any one of us. If he doesn’t know where one of us is, he will find us. It is too adorable and again, I simply do not want to forget this precious way of him finding his mom, dad, or brother.


The other day I let Kaden play his Xbox game for quite a while. He got Lego Star Wars for his birthday and I usually don’t let him play it for an extraordinarily extended period of time, but the other day I decided to just let him play for as long as he wanted (which ended up being over four hours!) Danny got him into bed that night while I was brushing Preston’s teeth. When I was done, we went into their bedroom and Kaden was crying. I asked what was wrong and Danny just said that he would tell me later. That got my curiosity going. I patiently waited while I said my goodnights and tucked both of them in. When we got downstairs, I asked Danny about it.

Well, Kaden had told Danny that I had let him play his game for a long time that day. In jest, Danny said, “You’re going to fry your brain if you play Xbox too much.” Of course, Kaden took Danny completely serious. He thought that he was going to die because he had played too much Xbox. In fact, he had asked me if he could read a book before he went to bed and I told him no because it was bedtime. He thought that if he read a book, it would exercise his brain enough to keep it from frying. He was so worried about it that he ended up sneaking out of bed to get a book to read.

I guess Danny learned to not joke too seriously with Kaden. Kaden, who doesn’t yet quite understand the concept of real versus fake, who gets his feelings hurt if you lightheartedly tease him too relentlessly, who constantly asks if you are just joking, will take you completely seriously and it will always be worst case scenario with him, I guess. Such is my six-year old son. And we love him even more because of it.


Megan B said...

What sweet boys :)

Kayla said...

Ahhh! Those are cute stories. Poor Kaden! I remember when Danny and Justin told me one day after I swallowed an apple seed that an apple tree was going to start growing inside of me. I ran crying to my mom because I thought I was going to die. Brothers!