Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"He Can Help You"

As I was running up the stairs today, the engraved silver band that Danny gave to me as an anniversary present slipped from off my finger. Because I was running and my hand was going back and forth, I had no clue as to where my ring landed. I immediately went to work searching for this prized possession of mine.

Kaden saw me searching and began helping me. We looked all over; on the stairs, behind the couch, on the couch, in the laundry that was sitting on the couch, on the carpet… We simply couldn’t find it. As we were searching the stairs once more, Kaden spoke up. “Mom, I know who can help you,” he said. “The Holy Ghost… If you pray, he can help you find it.” Of course I stopped panicking, told him he was right, and sat down and prayed. During my prayer I made sure to thank Heavenly Father for this wonderful son of mine that had just put me in my place in the very best way possible.

After my prayer we sat there for a moment; then we got up and began looking again. Not two minutes had passed by before we had found my ring, in between our movie stand and the wall – one place I wouldn’t have thought of looking.

Whoever says that they are just kids, doesn’t know what I know. My children are angels, sent from heaven to remind me in the most subtle of moments of the important things in life. They remind me of who I am, who I come from, that we all need help once in a while and that there is always someone who can help you. Thank you, Kaden.


Megan B said...

I love kids :) Way to go, Kaden!

Tresa said...

Connor had done the same thing twice this month for things he has misplaced. It is good we have them, you are right. I love the new look by the way!

Kayla said...

Look out, Kaden's gonna be the next apostle someday. :) He just SO SWEET and such a good boy!!!

Melissa said...

Kaden is such a sweet boy!!