Monday, February 04, 2008

Sweet Kaden

How would I ever live without my sweetheart of a little one. Kaden is always so tender and kind. He is the first one to ask if you are okay when you complain of a headache, backache, or any other ache.

Yesterday, my back was hurting after a long day (okay, well two hours) in the nursery with little toddlers and with Preston clinging to my every movement (which he now does in nursery since I am in there with him). Then coming home to make dinner and standing at the stove made my back ache just a little more.

In passing, I complained to Danny saying, “Man, my back hurts tonight.” Of course, Kaden over-heard and was right there with an, “I’m sorry your back hurts, mom.” He even came and rubbed my back. I smiled and said, “It’s okay. It’ll get better when I can sit down.”

After eating we all went downstairs to enjoy the big SuperBowl game. We were just sitting there when Kaden said, “Are you always going to be sick, mom?” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “Your back hurts right now so you’re sick. And sometimes your tummy hurts. And sometimes your head hurts. You are always sick. When are you going to get better?” I smiled and said that my back was already feeling better and that he didn’t need to worry about me so much.

Obviously, I realized that I must complain too much! Not only is Kaden such a sweet, kind, and caring little boy, but he also hears every little grumble that comes out of my mouth. Because apparently he thinks I’m some unhealthy mom that is always sick. I guess I’ll be more careful what I say in front of him. :)


Megan B said...

They are so good to always lend us some perspective, whether we want it or not. Kinley often leaves me feeling chagrined...

Kayla said...

I agree - Kaden is super sweet! We sure love him!

Melissa said...

What a little sweetheart!! Love it!! These kids pay attention more than we think!! :)