Saturday, February 09, 2008


Again, I must remind everyone who reads this blog that it is my release. The stories that I write are more for me than anyone else. It is my hobby. And it is my way of keeping a journal. Once more, it was my sister who got me started in writing these stories. She is the one who helped me realize the importance of keeping a journal, and through reading her blog I gained more courage in what I post on my blog.

You, no doubt, had no idea that you would get such a close perspective into my life. So with that, if you do not want to look too deeply into the life of Mardie H. Bradshaw, you may want to stop reading. I am becoming more and more brave when it comes to putting my feelings out there.

For those who continue reading, I warned you. :)


Melissa said...

You crack me up Mardie! Way to be brave and get "deep" on your blog. I think its great! Maybe you will inspire me to dig a deeper on my blog. :) Thanks for all the fun stories!