Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas 2009

Our Christmas was really great! We made cookies on Christmas Eve and the boys really enjoyed that. I told Kaden that he was allowed to wake up early on Christmas morning 'cause I was sick of being the first one out of bed. :) So when they got ready for bed, Kaden told me he was for sure going to wake up really early. We also put Ellie's baby monitor in their bedroom so they could let us know when they woke up. We wanted them to wait to come downstairs until we were able to be ready to take pictures of them.

They went to bed at around 8:00 and by 9:30 we heard Kaden in the monitor whispering, "Dad, is it midnight yet? Can we come down yet? Has Santa come yet?" Of course he was sent back to bed. :)

Kaden forgot all about the monitor and came downstairs at about 6:00 Christmas morning. We were lucky that we woke up and I was able to stop him and send him back upstairs so that we could wake up Preston and Ellie. We got the kids and they all came downstairs together. Ellie wasn't quite sure why we had woken her up so early. Preston was excited about everything he saw and would have started opening every present he saw (whether it had his name or not) if we hadn't stopped him. And Kaden was really excited about his spongebob spinning toothbrush. :0) They finally spotted the robots from Santa and were super excited to play with them as well as the Nerf guns that were from me and Danny.

We enjoyed opening presents, played with toys, made a nice dinner, and ate Christmas dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Hyde and Uncle Wes. Weston stayed the night and we played games, games, and more games. Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas.

Oh, and one funny story is that after we got Ellie dressed that day, she wanted to put her new shoes on. She walked around in her new shoes for about an hour and loved the sound they made on the kitchen tile. She also kept walking to the garage door while waving her hand. She was so excited that she could walk with these shoes on and she just wanted to go bye-bye.