Saturday, March 01, 2008

Preston's Perspective

I ran to get my shoes from their usual spot in the basket by the front door. Mom said we could go play outside! It’s been such a long, cold winter being cooped up in the house all the time. This was my chance to run free – to follow Kaden and see what he could think of for us to do.

I took my shoes to mom, refusing to wait until Kaden was done eating lunch. After all, I had eaten my meal… It wasn’t my fault Kaden was being slow. Mom put on my shoes for me and insisted that I wear a jacket. I went along with the jacket idea ‘cause I figured I could take it off once we got outside and mom wouldn’t even notice.

Finally Kaden finished eating. He got his shoes on and we were ready. Here it was – our chance to be boys out in the great outdoors.

We started with racing. There’s nothing like running as fast as your legs can go on the soft, damp, grass then carefully jumping into the mound of snow that’s still left at the edge of the hill. Kaden would go first. Boy, he can run fast. And then I would follow, close behind (well, as close as I could get with my legs being so much shorter than his.)

Ouch! I fell. It didn’t really hurt too bad; the snow was just so cold on my bare hands. I complained to Kaden and he carefully wiped my cold, wet hands on his nice, white, dry shirt. Sometimes it’s nice to have a big brother to look out for you.

Uh-oh… Out came the girls of the neighborhood. I guess Kaden would want to play with them. After talking for a second, they decided they wanted to ride scooters. “Oh, good! At least I have one too; and I won’t be left behind.”

We got our scooters and started riding. “Wow, this is fun! Hey, wait up guys! Guys, I’m over here. Kaden, don’t leave me! Well, I guess if they’re going to go that fast, I’ll just sit down on my scooter and go as slow as I want.”

After I was done playing outside, mom got me some cookies and milk. “I guess I have an okay mom after all. I better show her my appreciation!”

When I was done with my cookies, I got down form the stool, ran to my mom, and gave her a hug and kiss. “I love you,” she said. I just replied with an, “I love you guys!”


Kayla said...

All I have to say is CUTE! It probably was what he was thinking too!

Megan B said...

Preston has a very active little mind, doesn't he? ;)

Melissa said...

So cute! I love your story...probably just what he was thinking :)